StateReference consists of collections. Each collection holds records from a particular data source (except Public Records Requests where we collect records from a multitude of sources).

The items in a collection share the same metadata fields. For example, items in Public Records Division Appeals have fields for the type of appeal, the date the appeal was opened, etc.

Table of Collection Statistics
Collection # of items # of documents
Civil Service Commission Decisions 2,626 2,626
Department of Labor Relations Cases 9,597 24,110
Department of Labor Relations Contracts 3,594 3,594
Open Meeting Law Determinations 2,831 2,831
Public Records Division Appeals 23,320 24,340
Public Records Requests 2,704 51,087


Many of the items in StateReference are tagged. This is our best-effort categorization of the record. Tags span all collections. A given item may have more than one tag.

Table of Tag Statistics
Tag # of items # of documents
Brady List 11 134
Documentation 5 29
Internal Affairs 582 3,588
Payroll 48 92
Post Commission 424 2,569
Public Records Requests Log 72 169
Traffic Citations 3 45
Union Contract 3,596 3,602


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