Appeals to the Public Records Division

Database containing appeals made to the Massachusetts Public Records Division (2014 - Present)

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This database contains decisions issued by the Supervisor of Records in response to petitions opened with that office. These petitions fall into three types:

A petition to the Supervisor of Records made by a requester who feels the response they received from a state agency or municipality is in violation of the public records law. The relevant law is G. L. c. 66, § 10A.
Fee Petition
A petition submitted by a Records Access Officer (RAO) asking permission from the Supervisor of Records to charge a fee beyond what the law normally allows.
Time Petition
A petition submitted by an RAO requesting an extension beyond the 10 business days the law normally allows for a response to be produced.

For more information about the appeals process, please see A Guide to the Massachusetts Public Records Law and specifically the Remedies for Requestors and RAO Petitions headings.

These records are sourced from the Appeals Tracking System maintained by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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